Mirror mirror

The intertubes are a great place to discover new and usable toys ALL-THE-TIME.
One of those discoveries I had when I stumbled over the following video

Since I have been able to spend more time over the past few days on AstraNOS I have been able to integrate a dashboard like feature, which I intend in tweaking such that you will be able to generate these overlay gadgets in a resolution independent way.

So what else has happened in the past few weeks with AstraNOS ?

I have been busy working on the Conference app to improve the overall usability and user experience. You can now see the cursors of every user in the conference. It is now also possible to change you username in this session on-the-fly.

I enhanced the system such that you can now share the ImageViewer app with a conference. This feature still requires some work. At this moment only the presenter has the power to interact ( I.e. change images ). All other users are bound to a view-only mode.


What is left to be done for the Conference app ? In short : a ton.

1) For startes, I want to add the capability to share a file directly with each other peer-to-peer using WebRTCs data-channels.

2) I am also currently working on the [Advanced] feature which will allow you to control the Conference to a great degree and will allow you to E.g. lock the Conference, set a password for it, define if the video should start automatically, and if you want to receive a notification if some one entered the Conferencing session.


3) Adding capability to watch a Youtube video together and investigate Netflix, Amazon Prime Hulu Plus etc.

4) Implementing the TURN server such that you can have group sessions with more than a few people. This is to counter the WebRTC mesh strains. That is every connected participant in a simple WebRTC mesh requires to receive the data streams from all other participants. With a TURN server on the Internet I will be able to adopt to a star-topology which will trim down the connections to a central server.


5) Another thing high on my list is to fail back the communication over a WebSocket in case your browser does not support WebRTC.
This is a serious shortcoming of E.g. Safari at this moment, and from what I can tell WebRTC is not going to make it into Safari any time soon. So for all of you Appler’s out there, no video for you 😦 However at least the remainder of the provided functionality will eventually work. And who knows I may end up writing a plugin which would allow for similar capabilities

6) Also missing completely at this point in time is a mobile app, which would make this experience so much more fun to use. Just imagine you can share in real-time images, videos, text etc with your friends who are online.

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