Upload fun and file extensions

It is interesting in how simple it is to screw up basic functionality if you never use it.

I have a fairly old installation of OpenSuSE on my computer at home and I want to upgrade it to the most recent version. Of course one of the first things you’ll want to do is to backup your home directory, and move files around.


So why not simply move some of the files into the cloud, after all, this is what AstraNOS can do in a jiffy … right ? Wrong. I found that the upload functionality required some more loving to properly handle large files ( > 100Megs ).

Once I fixed this and the move began I also found to my amazement that non of the audio files would play. Phew a simple mis-configuration on the web server caused that headache.

I am now happy to report that I can watch videos, play audio, and copy files back and forth between Desktop, AstraNOS, and DropBox.

Since I am already at the storage layer I have also spent some more time to get box working. They have announced a solid 15GB for free.


So there I found yet another major bug, which would prevent proper download of any files to your desktop. So I quickly fixed this one as well and you are now able to use box, Dropbox, and AstraNOSs storage space.


I still have to finalize certain functionality within the next day or two and tidy up the code base but you should already be able to use this feature in its current form.

Update. I finished the integration of box. I have to admit that I like the Dropbox API better, as it is closer tailored towards the end user. box is using a object store on their side and the API exposed reflects this. I would think they could provide an extended API for ‘Normal’ users like me, which built on top of the core API.

This would most likely ease the adoption curve and draw more developer in

… Just my thoughts ….

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