Leap ahead

While playing with the Leap motion controller the past day or two I have found that the available computer controller software is quite raw. It does not allow for a enhanced user interaction but it seems to get in its way.

If this does not change then the Leap or similar controller will never become common interfaces for computers.

I believe that this would be a great loss and I know that this does not have to happen, as there are interactions which will absolutely enable the Leap to become an integral part of the end user experience.

OpenSuSE and Leap:
Unfortunately the Leap motion software is currently only available as a deb package. However it is fairly simple to extract the data and manually install it on your Linux system.

ar vx Leap-2.3.1+31549-x64.deb
tar -xf data.tar.xz
cp lib /lib -rf
cp usr /usr -rf

Following the above steps ( not you have to extract the proper deb package for your system ( 32bit or 64bit ) you can start leapd as root, and then run LeapControlPanel as a user in the background

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