Python on Cloud 9

This past weekend I have been working on some issues with the creation of a kickstart image for RedHat and spent all of Saturday working.

In between the different test cycles I had also had the time to look a bit deeper into the integration of Cloud 9 with Python as I wanted to see if Cloud 9 can be a web based productivity suite.

As I don’t want to use the online version of Cloud 9, I installed the offline version on my computer at home.

I started by cloning the github repository:

bash> git clone sdk
bash> cd sdk; ./scripts/
bash> node server.js -p 8080 -l -a : -w /ide/workspace

… and next you have to do ….


Well that was easy …

I have been talking about the cloud for years now CloudStack, StackOps, OpenStack, and RDO and it has gotten to the point where I want to get much more active in this area again.

Having setup a mixed environment for my pet project AstraNOS


I want to see if I can auto-scale the backend if I ever need to be able to scale out. This will help me build up my cloud admin muscles as well as giving me an opportunity to learn a bit more about Python.

Up until now I have been able to get all my scripts done using bash, NodeJS, or C++ ( CINT, or cling )

Now however I wanted to get more in touch with a more streamline scripting language. I have gotten to the point where I used Perl enough to know that the tools are awful and debugging is usually done through tons of logging and print statements.

Python seems to come with a much larger set of debugging tools and IDE support from almost every possible editor ( Including Cloud 9 )

There are a few trademarks a good scripting language must have
1) A real good packet management system.
2) A huge amount of tutorials.
3) A huge amount of available third party packages.

As I love LLVM I have also been looking for something similar to PySton … all marks are set 😉

Now I need to find the killer app I want to hook my teeth in.

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