What is going on with Amazon

So I have been working on my Zotac ID41 box for the past 5 years and have been very happy with the hardware.


At the core this box has an Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D525 @ 1.80GHz. Since this was a bare bones system I went all out and gave it a nice 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD.

Well that was then and by now this system is starting to show its age. So I thought I may want to update to the lighting-fast and still ultra-compact Zotac EI751 model.


Also a barebones system, It comes with a Intel Core i7-E775R Quad core CPU @ 3.3GHz and Iris Pro 6200 integrated graphics chip. The Dual DVI port allows me to hook it up to my 32″ screen and the 16GB RAM plus 512GB HD I have bought along would make for a great system for development, and Ai.

Note that I said ‘would’. Well it turns out I ordered from Amazon, twice, the same model from different vendors. Both times I have received a dud.

The first time around my order, which was a opened box, tested by an IT professional did not even power on. It seems the professional may be overpaid or a marketing illusion by “BuyVPC“.

The second time I was smarter and ordered from a larger company. Turns out “Amazon  Warehouse Deals” sent me the right box, the right computer cover but the wrong hardware.

I received an old Dual Core version of an old Zotac computer wrapped in the new box. Someone took the time to replace the cover on that machine with the EI751 and re-packaged it and sent it out.

I wonder how often those crooks get away with this, when you order a present and you send it to say your mom, will she note the difference ?

So now I am left with 16GB of SODIMM I can’t use, and 512GB HD I can’t use and have to wait for the refund to be send back ( again ) before I can search again for a i7 MiniPC.


After a lot of time searching around for comparable offers or machines, I ended up looking back to Amazon Warehouse Deals. I found that it is part of Amazon itself which improved my confidence to the point that I ordered the same part again ( they had two left ).

I received the PC on Thursday and it booted straight up in all of its 4 core ( 8 processing units with Hyper-threading ) beauty at 3.3GHz with 16GB RAM.

I now believe that there was a customer of Amazon who ordered the PC and then replaced the actual hardware and sent it back for a refund. Amazon then checked if it is in working condition but the tech guys did not validate the hardware specs wrapped it and offered it for a re-sale. I just hope that Amazon can get its money back from that person and give him/her a good slap on the wrist.




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