AstraNOS and where it is heading

I have recently been asked if the browser is the right environment to build on.

I think the browser is a great environment because it is available on every platform and does not require to do cross-platform compilation. Of course older browsers won’t work, and newer browsers may break existing features but such is life in the fast lane 🙂

My goal with AstraNOS is to provide a single sign on, multi device, shared social desktop environment with highly immersive and advanced capabilities.

I want to start by working on the basics which I will need which are every day apps such as Chat, e-mail, writing docs, spreadsheets etc.

The second stage would integrate a comprehensive 3D desktop environment. I think we have been using 2D for so long and I have had this vision about a true 3D environment for many years. I was waiting for some company to bring out a game changer, alas that never happened.

I am tired of waiting.

One piece which was required for this vision to come through and to truly work was something which just recently became available, the Leap Motion detector. The other things are voice control and gesture recognition combined with head tracking.


The 3D goggles are optional 🙂

I believe if you truly analyze how people communicate with each other, and you combine the above technologies with my #1 rule; “It MUST be obvious/simple to use”, you are onto something spectacular.

Now the Browser is a first step. An Attempt to see what is possible. It should provide the omnipotent flexibility to be running on any system anywhere. ThreeJS, WebWorkers, and asm.js should allow for awesome power and I believe Google is doing some skunk works on even faster programming environments for browsers.

The pieces which turn out to require more than a browser can be added through plugins, extensions or, through native apps which are linked against the browser code. The ultimate goal is to create somethign which runs on every platform including desktop, mobile, wearables.

I have seen a great many attempts in generating a 3D environment ( You may like ). I just don’t know how usable they truly are and I am sure these projects only speak to a fraction of the online populous.


I am fascinated with the tech presented in the Ironman movies, which is a combination of the above technologies, combined with a powerful AI which does take a lot of the guesswork away from handling a ‘Personal computer’. My vision revolves around creating something stunningly similar.


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One Response to AstraNOS and where it is heading

  1. kimtoufectis says:

    I’ve been watching AstraNOS since the end of 2008, when there were oodles of “web OS” projects out there, but I liked when there were LOTS of candidates to explore, like Cloudo, Gh.os.t, and Peepel…now it seems ChromeOS has sucked the oxygen away from other efforts. These experiments extended the capability of the low-power, child-friendly OLPC I was using in interesting ways…I even gave a talk about it:https: //

    Good luck going 3D!

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