EleCam 360 vs PanoView 360

I thought I share my expertise using both cameras on our family trip to Florida.


There is definitely a huge advantage to using the EleCam 360 because of its two lenses and the coverage of the full 360 degrees of view.


The PanoView sports only one lense which covers a range of 220 degrees visible range. However it delivers a higher resolution than the EleCams sensor at 2448×2448 video and 4096×4096 still image resolution.


The EleCam has a combined resolution of 1920×960 for video and 308×1504 for image resolution.

You have to keep in mind though that the resolution is that of a rectangle with the round image in it and that this tradition is the actual radius of the image for the PanoView and two times the radius for the EleCam. The final resolution you will see on YouTube depends on you rendering settings.

Utilizing 360Tube you have three possible resolutions to choose from.


512×256 can be thought of as a quick preview rendering and should not be used as the final resolution for YouTube. The results would look very grainy and not sharp.

1024×512 is a nice medium if you actually render the video on your phone. While the final result will still be fuzzy, it allows you to upload the video shortly after you create it using your 360 camera.

2048×1024 is the high res version which looks much nicer on YouTube but will take a long time to render on your phone.

Higher resolutions will be available on the pro version which will allow you to process the video on your computer instead of your phone. Using for example the Gear 360 will give you much higher source resolution and you will want to retain the quality all the way through to the YouTube video.

I have encountered multiple times a frozen EleCam where the only way to recover is to push the reset button which can only be achieved using a small metal pin you will need to stick into the tint pin hole. This has been impossible at times when your are it and about trying to shoot action videos.

The other way to reset is to let the battery drain but then you’re out of options anyways.

The PanoView seems much more mature in its stability as well as in its feature set. You can for example choose a time lapse video which is a lot of fun. It also came with a waterproof case which I have used to a large degree during our Beach vacations and during our visits to Aquatia.

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