Amazing Tech, Stupid Copyright Application

About 8 months ago I created a video with my son walking through a shopping center somewhere in virginia. I just received my 220 degree fisheye camera, and played with it recording our walk along the isles.

This was uploaded before I had 360Tube to properly convert the video into a equi-rectangular video. So I looked at my video collection and I found a copyright notice on this video, which surprised me.

She Says - Howie Day
Sound recording
0:35 - 2:28

So the amazing thing is how accurate Googles’ technology can pick up background sound from our stroll through the mall with our voices in the foreground, some additional speaker announcements, and the overall poor quality of the pieces of music which I can barely hear in the background.

A marvel of technology.

Now think about this for a second thought. If we can auto-detect music in the background noise through this amazing technology, then why don’t we have flying cars by now ?

Also think about the ridiculousness of copyright enforcement in this case.

I am all about protecting one’s IP through copyrights  ( not patents ) however would you think that someone would actually watch this video only to enjoy the song playing in the background while we walk through a mall ?

I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, I believe the music industry should pay me product placement fees, and we could use the same technology to get them to pony up.

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