Zotac MiniPC IE751 setup

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have replaced my aging Zotac miniPC ID41 with a newer version, the Zotac MiniPC EI751.

The ID41  has an Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz Dual Core with 4 processing units, I gave it a 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM.

My new power horse, the EI751 comes with Intel Core i7-5775R Quad Core CPU at 3.3GHz, the Iris Pro 6200 GPU chipset. I added a 500GB mSATA SSD, 16GB of 1600MHz RAM. For good measure I plugged my old 128GB SSD into the case as well so that I do now have 628 GB of HD space.


I encountered one issue though during the installation process. The spec for the Zotact for video read like this : “2 x DisplayPort 1.2: 3840×2160 @ 60Hz;
DVI-D: 1920×1080 @ 60Hz;”

While this is straight forward I did not realize the limitation of the DVI-D output to 1920×1080 until after I connected the system to my Dual link DVI monitor and found myself unable to scale to the full native resolution of 2560×1600.

So I had to spend some more $ to get an active converter from DisplayPort to Dual link DVI-D.


My OS of Choice is still OpenSuSE, and I am now off and running the latest version 42.2. which is a big upgrade, coming from my previous OpenSuSE version 13.2.


At this time I am now up and running and slowly converting my previous home directory over to the new system. The migration is very easy as the old SSD is internal, I do mostly just copy the files and directories over.

In my next blog post I will talk a bit about the performance of my new setup, and how it compares against the ‘not so weak’ ID41 dual core machine.


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